The National Educational and Environmental

Development Society

The National Educational and Environmental Development Society (The NEEDS) is a non-governmental organization, registered under Social Welfare Act of 1961. The NEEDS devotes all its efforts towards strengthening rural communities a happy, prosperous and peaceful society in Balouchistan.

The NEEDS Balochistan is an organization of district Naseerabad, with its head office in DHQ Dera Murad Jamali. The NEEDS bears 10 years experience of working in the area with good reputation in the community. The NEEDS Balochistan is working at grass-roots level in achieving the aims and of promotion of education, awareness about health, livelihood and human rights in Jaffarabad, Naseerabad and Jhal Magsi districts by addressing the issues of local people and striving for bringing about behavioral change through community mobilization.

The NEEDS Balochistan continues its journey through its intervention strategies of community mobilization, advocacy, service delivery and networking. In advocacy, the NEEDS Balochistan is promoting dialogue among a variety of communities and stakeholders from across the area on issues related to education, health, human rights, environment, agriculture and economy. Through networking services of local NGOs/CCBs, service-providing institutions, and the media, the NEEDS plays a role of bridging a community and service providers for solving community problems. In delivering relief to flood affectees and IDPs, the NEEDS builds the capacity of partner organizations, volunteers and women’s on different skills.


To work for the deprived people of Balochistan for the betterment of their lives with special emphasis on the empowerment of under-privileged and marginalized groups, particularly women and children through enhanced literacy, and awareness about education, health, livelihood and human rights.


To educate and raise awareness of the society about their basic rights, health issues, and social development and to increase the literacy rate and improve the health of society through learning.

Implemented Projects:

  • Empowering women through CNIC s in district Jhal Magsi
  • One-room shelters
  • Emergency assistance to support flood affected vulnerable farmers in Balochistan, Pakistan
  • Re-establishment of home based economic recovery
  • Campaign on Watan cards
  • Honour killing (Karo Kari)
  • Gender-based violence and reproductive health
  • Field support to DTCE operations in district Naseerabad
  • Conducting union council assemblies
  • Emergency relief to IDPs of Dera Bugti
  • Establishment of community schools


  • Human Resources:
    The NEEDS has human resources and there are different departments including programming, monitoring and evaluation, administration, finance and engineering. There are 30 paid staff within the organization.
  • Assets:
    The organization has an office, vehicles, furniture and electronic equipment
  • Community based Organization:
    The NEEDS Balochistan is a community-based organization; there are 20 members in the organization’s operational areas. There are more than 500 volunteers registered with the organization.
  • Networking:
    The NEEDS is leading a network of 42 NGOs/CBOs at district level, is a member of the Civil Society Network, Gender Network at provincial level and Pakistan Gender-Based Violence and Reproductive Health Network, and Insaf Network Pakistan.
  • Coordination with district authorities:
    The NEEDS Balochistan has strong relations with the district government’s line departments and the human rights groups’ media.
  • Partnership with INGOs and UN Agencies:
    The NEEDS Balochistan has implemented 15 projects during last 10 years that were funded by national organizations, INGOs and UN Agencies including UNDP, UNHCR, FAO, The Asia Foundation, Action Aid, WPF, UNIFEM, DTCE, and BEF.

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