Society for Human Empowerment

and Rural Development

It was in 1991 that a few persons of Mitha Tiwana, District Khushab laid the foundation of this organization for the development of their area. Initially it was a welfare-oriented organization, but later on, keeping in view the emerging trends, it was transformed into a development-oriented organization.

Areas of Intervention:

  1. Education:
    • Formal Education:

In the formal education sector, SHER established a Primary School in 1993. With the gradual up-gradation, the school has been transformed into a boys’ high school and a girls’ higher secondary school. A total of 2842 students have completed their basic education from these institutions.

  • Non-Formal Basic Education:

SHER has also contributed in the Non-formal Basic Education (NFBE) sector. The first ever centre was established in the desert area of the district in 1993.

  • Community Model School:

SHER has established 35 Community Model Schools in district Khushab in collaboration with National Education Foundation (NEF) in 1998.

  • Adult Literacy:

SHER, as a partner of Provincial Literacy Department, executed a phase of Adult Literacy in district Khushab. A total of 34 centres were established for a period of 1-year that included 7-months of literacy and 5-months of vocational training of the learners. SHER was a partner of National Commission for Human Development (NCHD) in the execution of the literacy project. SHER successfully completed one phase of 50 centres each in the districts of Khushab and Gujrat. Subsequently in the second phase SHER was the partner for the establishment of 50 centres each in the districts of Khushab, Sargodha and Gujrat and successfully completed this phase.

  • Religious Education:

SHER is running a Religious Education Centre in collaboration with Al-Huda International. In this centre all types of religious education are being provided to the female students.

  • Vocational Education:

Establishment of Vocational Training Centre was the first ever initiative taken by SHER in 1991. Now there are two VTCs in Mitha Tiwana to provide training in different skills like knitting, sewing and embroidery, etc. to the women of the area.


In the health sector SHER has interventions in the preventive as well as curative segments. It established a dispensary in 1993 that is now being up-graded to an MCH Centre. Subsequently SHER established another dispensary in Mitha Tiwana.

  1. Community Owned Infrastructure Projects:

SHER in remote areas of district Khushab has successfully utilized participatory approach of development, and a tool for social mobilization. SHER has been the partner of Social Action Programme – I, and assisted the local community in execution of link road, seepage drainage system, earthwork in graveyards and establishment of Research & Training Institute

  1. Poverty Alleviation:

Poverty alleviation has been the aim of SHER since the very beginning. In 1993 it established a revolving fund for micro credit. In 2003 SHER established a separate fund for women’s micro credit programme to facilitate women entrepreneurs. Zakat and Qarz-e-Hasna are also two important components of the poverty alleviation programme to benefit the poorest of the poor population.

  1. Capacity Building:

Capacity Building is another important component of SHER activities. It includes the trainings of the teachers, govt. officials, community based organizations and clients of the Micro Credit Programme. SHER has executed a project in collaboration with Decentralization Support Programme, Finance Division, Government of Pakistan, regarding the capacity building of all the registered Citizen Community Boards (CCBs) of the district Khushab.

  1. Environment:

SHER’s strategy for the environment is to promote the concept of sustainable development as part of the livelihood strategy for the poor rural people. SHER has implemented a number of environment related project. In collaboration with UNDP, it has undertaken a project regarding the protection of land from land logging through the plantation of eucalyptus trees.

  1. Women in Development:

Women empowerment is the focus of all kinds of activities of SHER. Vocational training is given to the women to make them skilled and enable them to earn their livings; micro credit programme ensures their economic uplift and appointment of female staff and teachers create employment opportunities and raise their social and economic values are the steps taken to empower the women. SHER has also provided social, technical and financial support to a female Community Organization for execution of Community Physical Infrastructure Project under PPAF.

  1. SHER Ghar:

Besides carrying out many other activities in the social sector, SHER has recently established a Centre for the orphans and poor children of District Khushab called SHER Ghar. In this Centre we provide complete boarding, lodging, education, and basic healthcare facilities to the deserving children free of cost.

For more information on Society for Human Empowerment and Rural Development, please contact: sher_khushab@hotmail.com