Schunaizia Relief & Development Organization

Schunaizia Relief & Development Organization (SRDO) was established in 2006. Since its establishment, SRDO has been working on expanding its activities with special concentration on educational sector. All projects of SRDO are well organized and run under strict quality management. Since 2008, SRDO has focused mainly on FATA areas for its activities.

SRDO has identified a number of strategic programmatic priorities related to gender justice:

  • Providing technical assistance and capacity building on gender-sensitive approaches to transitional justice mechanisms in areas where SRDO works;
  • Conducting research and analysis on the gender dimensions of past and ongoing transitional justice initiatives;
  • Developing effective resource materials that operationalize the insights gained from research and analysis;
  • Building partnerships and advocacy initiatives that support women's struggles for accountability and redress;
  • Facilitating alliances and exchanges to enable cross-fertilization of experiences and building of an international pool of experts in the field.


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