Sarsabz Foundation

Sarsabz Foundation (SF) is a non-governmental organization committed to work for communities to build and share their own solutions to developmental challenges focusing three key areas: democratic governance, gender equality, and women empowerment and social sector development, with protection of human rights and peace building as cross-cutting areas. Additionally, SF prepares an enabling environment necessary for participatory governance and developmental effectiveness. SF’s strategic approach is to apply a combination of four interlinked strategies of research & knowledge building, capacity enhancing, advocacy, partnership and networking in its interventions. It operates at three levels simultaneously – micro (union council), meso (district) and macro (national).

Established in 1992, SF works in direct partnerships with over 100 organizations located throughout 18 districts in Pakistan. It also works with public and private organizations and institutions to create conditions for the development of sustainable and equitable communities.

We seek to upgrade the standard of living and opportunities to make communities progressive by injecting positive changes in urban and rural areas. Not only does SF handle development, but it also works hard in assisting communities to facilitate the progress of their choice - while at the same time promoting the best practices in community development approaches.

In order to achieve the milestones, SF integrates policy, advocacy, and education with its partners. All efforts are made to ensure sustainability. This is done by employing appropriate tools, research and knowledge management systems.

In both theory and practice, SF synchronizes qualitative, participatory and applied social research. It also produces useful material on good governance, political participation, gender and social development, gender justice, the role of civil society and ways and means of poverty alleviation. Relevant issues such as the aforementioned are spread even further via bulletins, newsletters, published work, SF website and other means of electronic communications.

Additionally, SF is accountable to stakeholders, transparent in its affairs and adamant about being a socially responsible organization upholding the right to freedom of expression. All its programmes are conceptualized and executed on the lofty principles of empowering vulnerable groups by creating a society of non-discrimination and equal opportunity.

SF has a dynamic and competent team of highly specialized researchers, trainers and celebrated professionals who are qualified to respond to challenging situations and quickly diversifying needs. A well-learned advisory board leads the team which is comprised of advanced level development experts. Thus, SF houses a plethora of knowledgeable specialists from different fields who come together to create a unique and extremely productive group.


To build human, social, and environmental assets that enable people and communities to exert control over their lives and to participate in decision making process in meaningful and effective ways.


Our vision is for democratic, equalitarian, and sustainable society where individual’s equally empowered to realize their rights and improve their lives and the wellbeing of their families and communities.


  • To promote democratic governance at all levels, with specific emphasis on supporting electoral process, promote citizen participation in decision making, capacity strengthening of civic and political institutions as well as supporting local governance and decentralization.
  • To improve gender equality and women’s empowerment – specifically linked to improving women’s economic, political and social empowerment and full use of their rights, within the framework of the MDG 3.
  • To strengthen local level social capital to respond more effectively and efficiently to the challenges they face in coping with demands and needs of the community with special focus upon local governance, health, education, economic freedom and environment as well as livelihood.
  • To bridge the gap among civil society, the public sector and the community on diverse issues - in addition to advocating and mobilizing support for reforming public policy.

Strategic Approach:

SF is guided by the imperatives of knowledge-based collective endeavors for the emergence of equitable society. To that end, we adhere to inform mobilization drives, community organization, capacity building, rights-based advocacy and affirmative interventions through partnerships with local, national and international institutions. SF’s strategic approach applies a combination of four interlinked strategies of: research & knowledge dissemination, capacity building, advocacy and partnership & networking in its interventions.

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