INSAF Network Pakistan (INP) is a network of civil society organizations committed to uphold rule of law and access to justice across Pakistan. Through network approach, INP promote professionally informed institutional collaboration and programming among civil society, academia, justice institutions and the government organizations to help generate demand for equitable justice and basic rights. At the same time, INP endeavors to foster policy dialogue and field interventions on the supply side for dispensation of quality justice and social services to all members of the society. We are currently leading implementation of various programs such as legal aid to the poor and vulnerable, training of paralegals, capacity building of lawyers and constitutional legislative reforms to deliver upon democratic assurances.

The legal system of Pakistan is marred with the fallibility of the laws and policies to inadequate enforcement mechanisms. It is essential to constantly revisit polices and laws to keep up with the changing social demands. All these issues need to be intellectually solved through meaningful research in the field of law to strengthen the social contract between state and citizens and lessen the human sufferings.

Realizing this imminent need, INP aims to launch first-of-its-kind INSAF LEGAL RESEARCH UNIT to promote the culture of legal research and inquiry amongst the law graduates, professionals and policy makers.

The research unit, operated by INP provides a web based interactive platform to law students and practitioners to cross-share ideas and gain access to new and emerging academic investigations undertaken to expand the intellectual horizons of the laws. The unit solicits accepted and accredited researches completed by students in their final year of degree

ILRU not only serves as platform of legal researches but will also encourage students to take keen interest in the research beyond the mandatory degree requirement. Moreover, students enrolled in law schools all around the country can access the new information material to complete academic assignments and coursework. INP will also publish the top researches in an electronic quarterly newsletter to be shared with national and international Universities, bar associations, NGOs/CSOs, law enforcement departments, ombudsman, judiciary.

Action-oriented Research and Documentation:

Innovative research that

i) Identifies viable options for bridging the gaps/ lacunas in existing laws and policies vis-à-vis implementation deficits, enactment/ formulation of new laws and policies.

ii) Informs and educate civil society and the beneficiaries in order to strengthen their voice (demand articulation).

iii) Explores scope of programmatic interventions to improve the quality of justice and social services.