A broad-based national level awareness-raising campaign for all ombudsman offices in Pakistan has been developed by Insaf Network Pakistan. INP Implementing partners provided awareness on Ombudsman function and procedures in 16 target districts through Legal Aid Clinics, Awareness Seminars, and Brochures. Hoardings providing information about respective ombudsman are also being placed in 16 target districts. INP has finalized the process for developing/upgrading websites for Federal Ombudsman for Protection Against Harassment of Women & Punjab Ombudsman (

These awareness-raising activities for Ombudsman offices, have mobilized the citizens of Baltistan to demand an office in their area. A meeting was held with the leading lawyers of Baltistan including Abbas Choopa District Attorney Baltistan region, Yaseen Malik Advocate /legal coordinator Skardu, Akhon Muhammad Ali Advocate/ president Bar Association and Wazir Furman Ali Advocate/ legal coordinator Shigar. Participants concluded that a representation would be made with legislative assembly members to advocate for the establishment of such an Office for Baltistan in the next reporting period. In December 2012, GB assembly approves the demand of creating Ombudsman Office in GB. This would be a major policy advocacy triumph for the LEP programme which seeded this demand among key stakeholders

INP provided awareness on following ombudsman offices in 16 targeted districts, Federal Ombudsman, Federal Tax Ombudsman, Federal Insurance Ombudsman, Banking Ombudsman, Federal Ombudsman for Protection Against Harassment of women at workplace, Provincial Ombudsman Punjab, Provincial Ombudsman Sindh, Provincial Ombudsman KPK, Provincial Ombudsman Baluchistan, and Ombudsman AJ & K. The activities designed in collaboration with the Forum of Pakistan Ombudsman (FPO) and implemented in consultation to provide better access to the claim holders at one hand and will also bring the service providers closer to their target beneficiaries on the other. MOUs have been signed with Ombudsman offices for strategic support. INP in collaboration with UNOPS / UNDP provided IT equipment to and integration support to 8 Ombudsman Offices for Complaint Management Information System.

INP through its implementing partners established 18 Legal Aid Centers across Pakistan which providing Awareness and Counseling on filing of complaint to Ombudsman. INP also trained more than 650 people on Legal Procedures as well as on ombudsman in 14 districts. These Community Paralegals serve for long term sustainability.