Marvi Rural Development Organization


Organization Background:

In 1992 a non-formal group of women of rural area of district Khairpur Mir’s took self-initiative for rural women empowerment with providing them alternate suitable livelihood opportunities by arranging a little financial amount generated by women by collecting Rs. 10 per month. The group was founded and headed by Ms. Ghulam Sughra Solangi who rewarded by First lady Michael Obama and Secretary State Ms. Hillary Clinton with “Women of Courage Award” in 2011 in Washington DC against her contribution in social development sector. Later the group officially registered with the title of Marvi Rural Development Organization (MRDO) in year 1994.


Social and economic empowerment of the underprivileged women and communities at the grassroots level.



To enhance the role and socio-economic status of people especially women of deprived communities by providing them assistance & sustainable prospects.


MRDO Governance Body

MRDO Board of Directors has gender balance in terms of Sex and consists of 7 members and one honorary Secretary Member with having multi-sectorial experience with National and International Exposure.

#Name of BoDDesignationQualificationExpertise
1Mr. Qurban Ali ShahChairpersonMaster in GeographyDevelopment Professional
2Ms. Firdous ManzaniVice ChairpersonMaster in Sustainable International DevelopmentFree Launce Consultant
3Mr. Zafar JunejoTreasurerMSc Rural Development/MCs Information TechnologyDevelopment Professional
4Mr. Suleman G.AbroMemberMSc. Rural DevelopmentDevelopment Professional
5Mr. Solomon KhuramMemberICMAP & Master in Computer ScienceDevelopment Professional
6Ms. Shamshad AkhtarMemberMaster in SociologyCommunity Leader
7Ms. Nazeeran ShaikhMemberMaster in EducationCommunity Leader
8Ms. Ghulam SughraHonorary General SecretaryMaster in Sociology & EducationDevelopment Professional


MRDO thematic Areas

MRDO has implemented integrated projects covering following themes and Areas


ThemeMajor interventionsArea Coverage/District , Tehsils/UCsBeneficiaries
Social Mobilization1.      1094 Community Organizations  / formed

2.      300 Village Peace Committees formed

3.      300 Youth groups formed

a)   5 Districts

b)  12 Tehsils

c)   32 UCs

d)  618 Villages

Capacity Building1.       Capacity built of 10876 Men and 7228 women through  different trainings and exposure visitsa)   5 Districts

b)  12 Tehsils

c)   32 UCs

d)  228 Villages

Micro Credit1.      115 Million disbursed to 7052 borrowersa)   2 Districts

b)  8 Tehsils

c)   18 UCs

d)  132 Villages

Livelihood1.       Provided business initiative support to 700 youths

2.       Home based support to 500 women headed households


a)   2 Districts

b)  6 Tehsils

c)   16 UCs

d)  44 Villages

Legal Aid / Legal Awareness1.       Legal aid to 40 beneficiaries

2.       Counseling provided to 950 beneficiaries

3.       Legal awareness provided to rural communities via F.M program, theatres, seminars and sessions.


a)   2 Districts

b)  4 Tehsils

c)   18 UCs

d)  132 Villages

Advocacy1.         300 Women groups formed

2.         300 VPCs formed

3.         300 Youth groups formed

4.         2 District level Peace Forums Formed

5.         Media Consultation organized

6.         Seminars, Open Courts, Religious dialogues and IEC material disseminated for fundamental rights

a)   2 Districts

b)   6 Tehsils

c)    30 UCs

d)   300 Villages

GBV1.         Legal Aid Provided to 90 victimized women and Counseling Supported to 500 Women

2.         Established 5 Women Resource Centers

3.         30 Awareness Seminars

4.         Media Consultations

5.         3-TV Talk Shows

a)   5 Districts

b)  20 Tehsils

c)   15 UCs

d)  75 Villages

CPI1.         32 Drinking Water Supply Schemes installed

2.         5 Irrigation Schemes

3.         18 Drainage & Sanitation Schemes

4.         2 PIT (Solar Energy) Schemes


a)   2 Districts

b)  8 Tehsils

c)   18 UCs

d)  132 Villages

Disability1.         Provided assistive devices 3890 PWDs

2.         Business incubation support to 258 PWDs

3.         Awareness Seminars organized

4.         Provided certificates with the support of Social welfare to 34 PWDs

a)   2 Districts

b)  4 Tehsils

c)   8 UCs

d)  390 Villages

Health1.         7 Community Health Centers established in deprived areas where no availability exits of government /nongovernmentala)   1 Districts

b)   2 Tehsils

c)    22 UCs

d)   45 Villages

Education1.          16 Community based Schools establisheda)   1 Districts

b)  2 Tehsils

c)   22 UCs

d)  45 Villages

Emergency Response / Early Recovery1.          NFIs to 7000n beneficiaries

2.          950 shallow hand pumps installed

3.          300 Pit latrines provided

4.          Certified Seeds and Fertilizer provided to 1500 families

5.          Hygiene awareness seminars organized

a)   4 Districts

b)   8 Tehsils

c)    48 UCs

d)   388 Villages



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