The Constitution of Pakistan guarantees and provides a mechanism for free and fair elections, and requires that all eligible voters should be able to vote, without any fear or discrimination, for the candidates or parties of their choice. However, the previous experience of elections in Pakistan shows that voters’ turn out is often low due to a variety of reasons including, among others, discrimination against certain segments of society like women and disabled, fear of election-related violence, allegations of rigging and violations of electoral code of conduct that cause distrust in the whole electoral process, inability of political parties to educate and mobilize voters, and weaknesses in the election administration in terms of voters’ registration and other arrangements in a manner convenient to voters. Over the last few years, significant steps have been taken to improve the quality of voters’ lists, strengthen the Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP), and provide a mechanism for an agreed caretaker government in order to minimize the possibility of any official interference in favor of one or the other party. This project targets tehsil Narowal of Narowal district.
INSAF Network Pakistan_Awareness Material

INSAF Network Pakistan_Awareness Material

In order to achieve the above objectives, following activities will be implemented.

i) Campaign To Increase Voters’ Turnout
ii) Advocacy Against Discrimination Or Barriers To Voting
iii) Engaging Young Voters For Peaceful Elections
iv) Advocating For Specific Commitments By Candidates And/ Or Political Parties
v) Post-Election Activities – Election Disputer Resolution
Awareness Stall_INSAF Network Pakistan

Awareness Stall_INSAF Network Pakistan


The projects will be funded to support activities for achieving the following objectives:
i) To strengthen citizens’ voice through, among others, public awareness and voters’ education initiatives, oversight of relevant public bodies and/or advocacy for reforming relevant laws, policies, practices or public attitudes for free, fair and peaceful elections.
ii) To strengthen public accountability in election related matters through, among others, raising questions, seeking explanations, developing requisite capacities and filing complaints at appropriate forums.
Election Awareness Campaign_Insaf Network Pakistan

Election Awareness Campaign_Insaf Network Pakistan