Farmers Development Organization 

Farmers Development Organization (FDO) was established in 1996 as a non-profit and non-governmental public interest organization. It was registered in May, 1998 with Social Welfare Department under “Voluntary Social Welfare Agencies, Registration & Control Ordinance 1961”.

FDO is working in southern Punjab, through participatory principals since December 1996, benefiting hundreds of peasants, women and general communities. The organization has a history of designing its projects subsequent to conducting assessments of the problems of people. Also, the organization has the history of creating and then engaging the local volunteers in the implementation and monitoring of the projects.


A just, prosperous and peaceful society where people are able to identify their problems and have the capacity to resolve them.


To develop and strengthen the disadvantaged and vulnerable segments of society for the realization of their rights by means of collective action through social mobilization, capacity building, facilitating provision of basic amenities, livelihood support and evidence-based advocacy.

Strategic Objectives:

FDO will emphasize to focus on the following strategic objectives for the current strategy period (2010-2014) and all strategic priorities and actions are identified keeping these objectives in view;

  • Strengthening citizens’ voices and capacity building to demand just, democratic, transparent and accountable governance
  • Promoting communal harmony among the people of different religious and political denominations
  • Provision and improving governance of social services
  • Improving access of marginalized sections to the socio-economic opportunities for decent livelihood and realization of basic rights
  • Protecting lives and livelihoods of vulnerable communities in disaster/conflict situations

Strategic Priorities:

  • Peace and democratic governance
  • Right to education and food
  • Gender justice
  • Enterprise development for the poor
  • Social services delivery
  • Disaster/emergency response


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