INSAF Network Pakistan (INP) aspires to establish a Technical Working Group (TWG); a consultative working group comprising of the stakeholders from criminal justice service providing departments (judiciary, police, LEA, prison, prosecution, probation etc.) soliciting their support and technical guidance as per the terms set out in this document.

The main function of the TWG is to provide overall technical oversight and guidance through consultation in support of the Fair Trial Index (FTI), an instrument to be developed, that would devise a framework comprising of a set of minimum guarantees concerning right to fair trial and due process. The TWG members would discuss the existing protection framework concerning fair trial and due process and a consensus would be built on a set of minimum guarantees that would serve as a benchmark to evaluate the adherence to fair trial and due process in legal justice dispensation. INP would arrange fifteen consultative workshops across Pakistan, three in each province and also in Islamabad capital territory to seek consensus building on minimum guarantees regarding fair trial and due process.


The workshops participants will include

  • Judiciary
  • Police (Operations)
  • Police (Investigation)
  • Prosecutors
  • Prison officers
  • Medico legal officers
  • Forensic specialists
  • Parole & probation officers
  • Defence Lawyers