CCHD Citizens’ Commission for Human Development

Citizens’ Commission for Human Development (CCHD), a national level non-governmental organization, was founded in 1986 for social development. The organization was subsequently registered in 1989 with the Social Welfare Directorate, Government of the Punjab, under the Voluntary Social Welfare Agency’s (Registration and Control) Ordinance, 1961.

Since 1989, CCHD has aimed for attitudinal change to facilitate sustainable development, socio-ecological justice and equity in the society. Now working with over 400 local NGO’s and CBO’s in the country, especially among the marginalized communities in South Punjab and Sindh provinces, CCHD aims to undertake initiatives to overcome socio-economic and environmental problems, to promote a participatory and pluralistic civil society and to network and collaborate with like-minded organizations to make a difference in our communities today. CCHD undertakes activities in social mobilization, networking, social monitoring, community awareness, capacity building and advocacy & lobbying.

CCHD has strong linkages with local governments, press, radio, TV, research institutions, think tanks, women’s groups, bar associations and platforms such as Rotary and Lions Club, NGO networks, professional organizations, teachers associations, labour and trade unions, as well as private sector. CCHD has worked with UN agencies such as UNDP, UNHCR, UNIFEM, UNDEF and donors including USAID, DFID, CIDA, ADB, HBS, and AusAID.

CCHD has vast experience in a number of sectors including education, community development, democratic education, human rights and peace. CCHD applies research, social mobilization, awareness raising, capacity/skills enhancement, advocacy, and monitoring and evaluation to achieve the best results. CCHD has successfully completed 33 projects in the past 12 years. CCHD works in close collaboration with local communities, policy makers, elected representatives, local organizations and government officials. CCHD has experience in working on the USD 4 million USAID-funded project and other projects with various donor agencies.


CCHD endeavors for attitudinal change to facilitate sustainable development, socio-ecological justice and equity in the society.


  • To increase citizens’ awareness about their civic, social and economic rights
  • To promote a participatory and pluralistic civil society that employs democratic process as non-violent practices
  • To broaden the base of social justice and economic equality in the society
  • To undertake initiatives to overcome social, economic and environmental problems
  • To undertake human resource development through facilitating capacity/skills development opportunities
  • To network and collaborate with government departments, NGOs, CBOs and international development organizations/agencies

Thematic Areas:

CCHD focuses on three thematic areas: democratic governance (governance, political education, legislative strengthening, women and politics), human rights and peace (women’s empowerment, women’s and children’s rights, legal aid to women, violence against women), and Community Development (non formal basic education at the primary level, health). CCHD also works on humanitarian assistance (rapid protection assessments in emergencies, protection and human rights services including legal aid, Watan cards, Pakistan Cards etc.)


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