Center for Peace and Development Initiatives

The Center for Peace and Development Initiatives, Pakistan (CPDI-Pakistan) is an independent, non-partisan and a not-for-profit civil society organization working on issues of peace and development in Pakistan. It is registered UNDER SECTION 42 of the Companies Ordinance, 1984 (XLVII of 1984). It was established in September 2003 by a group of concerned citizens who realized that there was a need to approach the issues of peace and development in an integrated manner. The CPDI-Pakistan is a first initiative of its kind in Pakistan. It seeks to inform and influence public policies and civil society initiatives through research-based advocacy and capacity building in order to promote citizenship, build peace and achieve inclusive and sustainable development. Areas of special sectoral focus include promotion of peace and tolerance, rule of law, transparency and access to information, budget watch and legislative watch and development.


CPDI envisions a world that guarantees rule of law, protects human and civil rights, embraces diversity of views, supports vulnerable people and provides optimum conditions in which each individual can realize his or her full potential.


CPDI aspires to become a national and international leader in advocacy. We resolve to build on its reputation for informing and influencing public policies and initiatives through research based championship of rights based campaigns. We are determined to continue our engagement with the people and the Government of Pakistan, and to promote active citizenship in all its forms. CPDI specializes in five sectors of development: promotion of peace and tolerance, rule of law, transparency and right to information, budget watch, legislative watch and democratic development.

Program Areas:

  1. a)      Transparency and Access to Information:

Aim of this programme is to work for maximum transparency and peoples’ right to information and records held by public bodies. Focus areas under this program include:

  • Policy research and advocacy for enactment of appropriate laws for peoples’ right to information and their implementation
  • Public Awareness about the need and importance of right to information and transparency in governance
  • Organization of policy dialogues, seminars and workshops
  • Capacity building of all stakeholders
  • Information requests initiatives


  1. b)     Legislative Watch and Development:

Aim of this program is to take initiatives whereby citizens’ ability to effectively watch and participate in legislative and democratic process not only increases but also gets institutionalized. One initiative under the program is to observe the performance of legislatures at the provincial and national levels, and establish interfaces whereby citizens and civil society groups could positively influence the work being performed by their legislators. Relevant focus areas include:

  • Analysis of legislative performance
  • Public awareness about the roles and responsibilities of legislators as well as legislatures
  • Advocacy for appropriate reforms
  • Capacity building of legislators and civil society groups
  • Organization of policy dialogues


  1. c)      Promotion of Peace and Tolerance:

Aim of the program is to develop and promote research-based understanding of social conflicts and intolerant attitudes, and to implement a wide-range of initiatives to achieve the objectives of social harmony, tolerance, pluralism and peace. Focus areas include:

  • Religious and sectarian conflicts
  • Inter-provincial conflicts
  • Improved understanding across cultures, sects and religions
  1. d)     Budget Watch:

Budget making in Pakistan has traditionally been an exclusive domain of the government, as people could not access or analyze the relevant information in a timely manner. CPDI has been working to change this by demanding transparency, building relevant budget tracking capacities in the civil society and articulating and advocating people-centred budget making. In specific terms, the aim of the programme on budget watch is to:

  • Study the budget making processes at various levels of governance
  • Analyze budget priorities and allocations in the light of challenges confronted in the related jurisdictions
  • Track the use of budget allocations, identify inefficiencies if any, and implement advocacy activities to get the identified problems redressed
  • Create public awareness and promote informed policy debates for influencing policy outcomes
  1. e)      Rule of Law:

Establishment of rule of law is one of the main challenges confronted by Pakistan. Recognizing this, CPDI is engaged in research, watchdog and advocacy work to promote rule of law and, thereby, create conducive conditions for social harmony, investors’ protection, guaranteed human rights and democratic development. Focus areas under this program include:

  • Supremacy of constitution
  • Police reforms
  • Access to justice
  • Promotion of merit and fair and non-discriminatory practices in governance
  • Promoting public debates on issues related to rule of law.


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