Community Development Program (CDP)

Community Development Program (CDP) was founded in the year 2000 and was registered under the Registration and Control Ordinance of 1961 with Directorate of Social Welfare Government of NWFP, named Association for Development and Rehabilitation of Socially Handicapped (ADARSH). Later in the year 2003, the name ADARSH was changed to Community Development Program (CDP). The registration number of CDP is DSW/NWFP/1744. CDP is a non-profit/ non-governmental volunteer organization having multidimensional approaches. CDP strives for welfare and developmental activities in the larger interest of the marginalized and poor community, especially socially and economically handicapped and downtrodden communities of southern districts of NWFP including FATA.

CDP believes in teamwork and mobilizes and organizes the poorest of the poor under participatory approach. It works with diverse social and political groups including women, children, labourers, peasants and networks of marginalized sections of the society.

CDP undertakes mobilization, capacity building, networking and research initiatives in order to encourage collective action for development and social change. The efforts are aimed at improving their life standards, socio-economic conditions and ways of thinking in all disciplines, and developing their local resources and enhancing their income generating sources as well as building their capacity on sustainable grounds leading towards their self-respect, self-decision, self-reliance and self-sufficiency.


To improve the life standards of the community through awareness-raising, capacity building, human resources development and economic empowerment of the marginalized groups by providing community-friendly working environment and social justice

Programming Areas:

  • Poverty alleviation
  • Advocacy and capacity building
  • Human rights and democracy
  • Basic education services
  • Basic health services
  • Gender equality and development
  • Guiding Principles:

CDP’s paradigm is based on knowledge, faith and participation to build a society of harmony, justice, peace and opportunities, where every ordinary individual has the right to develop his natural endowments. Knowledge increases spectrum of opportunities for an individual, besides enlightenment in his faith and purpose of life.

Based on our vision, following are our guiding principles:

  • To prepare people for the responsibility by expanding their freedom
  • To paint the imagination of society with the dawn of an era of hope, confidence and responsibility
  • To resolve for the revival of “commitment to knowledge in our culture”
  • To culture the principles of honesty, integrity, and conviction by personal character and example
  • Continuous quality improvement and “Making the best better”

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