Basic and Integrated Rural Development Society

Basic and Integrated Rural Development Society (BIRDS) Basic and Integrated Rural Development Society (BIRDS) envisions a hunger-free, literate, non –discriminatory, enlightened and economically advanced society.


BIRDS aims to facilitate, support, and strengthen village development organizations (VDOs) and civil society groups through consultation, identification and diagnosis of ground realities and their collective dispensations, so that these groups may be developed into viable and sustainable development institutions. BIRDS focuses on organization and empowerment of most marginalized and deprived groups.

Strategic Objectives:

  • Facilitate the process of formation of dynamic grass roots development institutions.
  • Enhance capacity of members of village development organizations and local level institutions for the sustainability of their institutions and or organizations.
  • Promote self-reliance and harnessing of social capital to reduce poverty.
  • Assist in provision of basic civic amenities such as education, clean drinking water, infrastructure, healthcare and sanitation, livestock management and upgrading agricultural needs to the communities.
  • Promote the conservation of natural resources and improve environmental management and sustainability.
  • Launch advocacy and awareness programmes on legal rights/human rights with special focus on women, children, tenants, labourers and minorities.
  • Evolve in income generation activities and saving schemes to uplift the economic status of rural communities through family units.
  • Conduct research on development issues advocate policy reforms.

Programme Areas:

  • Social and Community Development programme: works to form self-reliant and independent male and female community organizations to strengthen participatory and sustainable rural development institutions.
  • Human and Institutional Development Programme: aims to enhance the organizational and production skills of the village development organizations and the staff. Its specific objectives are to build the organizational and management capacity of village development organizations, and to develop social and production skills.
  • Economic Development programme: aims to enhance socio-economic status of vulnerable groups through sustainable income generation activities. It specifically works on the formation of male and female saving groups and mobilization of savings to provide productive asset creation facility to the poor/vulnerable groups specially women. This programme also facilitates poor households for their productive asset generation.
  • Advocacy, Networking, Gender Development programme: aims to advocate and disseminate information on human rights, mainstreaming women participation in social development process and building progressive society for integrity and harmony.
  • Health, Education and Environment programme: aims to provide primary healthcare services and healthcare education.
  • Natural Resources Management programme: aims to promote conservation of land, water, forests and wildlife and help poor communities get income through their sustainable use.
  • Community Based Disaster Preparedness and Management programme: working in the most vulnerable part of the country, BIRDS is empowering coastal communities to cope with natural and manmade disasters.


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