Adal-o-Insaf Scale-up Project (AIP) has been implemented by Insaf Network Pakistan (INP) in four targeted districts of Southern KP i.e. Kohat, Karak, Haripur and Bannu with support of the UNDP from August 2013 till October 2013, through its implementing partners - Community Development Program, Schunaizia Relief & Development Organization and Sungum Development Organization.

During this time period:

  • 0.17 million citizens have been made aware of legal rights and procedures through Mass & Targeted Awareness Campaigns
  • 197 Issue-based letters have been sent to local and higher authorities to reflect the voices of the poor & vulnerable in all justice forums
  • 423 Community Paralegals have been identified and sensitized on the Project
  • 4 Legal Aid Committees have been activated through MoUs with the Bar Association
  • 5 Legal Aid Desks have been established in the 4 targeted districts with 8 lawyers (4 male & 4 female)
  • 40 Legal Aid Clinics have been conducted in 40
  • targeted UCs of Karak, Kohat, Bannu and Haripur. 268 Citizens  have been provided free legal advice and 1,243 have been  made aware of their legal rights in these clinics.
  • 46 court cases have been filed on behalf of poor litigants in Civil, Criminal & Family matters.
  • Consultative Workshop
  • 46 Free Legal Aid Lawyers have been identified by the Bar Associations for Legal Aid & Legal Awareness Activities under the project.
  • 4 District Legal Empowerment Committees were supported, out of which 3 committees started functioning for the first time in the targeted districts.
  • A “Stakeholders' Consultative Workshop on Rule of Law” for Southern KP was organized, where representatives of the
  • Police, Judiciary, Bar, Prison, Prosecution, Local  Administration, & Civil Society participated from Peshawar, Karak, Kohat, Bannu, and Haripur.
  • Two Public Interest Litigations have been filed in all 24 districts of KP; one on Abolishing the Court Fees Act and the other on Activating DLECs.
  • Research and District Profiling/Assessment have been carried out.
  • A Pilot Research Study on Access to Justice in Southern KP has been completed - 80 households in 40 targeted UCs of Haripur, Kohat, Karak and Bannu have been      surveyed.
  • District Profiling of all 4 targeted AIP districts has been completed.