Voter Registration

Being able to cast the vote is right of every citizen. Whereas actually going and casting the vote is responsibility of every citizen. Your vote is very important, it decides your future, so you should get your vote registered, so that on day of election you are able to actually cast the vote.

The vote registration process is very simple. Firstly the voter verification team from election commission will visit your home, they will check your records or otherwise if your or anyone in family don’t have their vote registered, they provide you with the form which can be filled with information of multiple people in your family.

If you are not visited by the Pakistan elections commission staff, just download the form, fill info of all family members and submit to the “Assistant Election commissioner / Registration officer” in your area. To get information about ‘Registration officer’ of your area you can call on following numbers.


To download the printable form in pdf format, click on the following links from Election Commission of Pakistan Website (  You will need to “Adobe Reader” to open this file, you can download for free from internet, if you don’t have installed already.

Voter Forms:

How to Check Voter Registration