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Despite funds from Centre, no shelter homes in Himachal

SHIMLA: Alleging that the state government failed in constructing shelter homes for the poor under National Urban Livelihood Mission scheme, an RTI activist has said that not even a single shelter home has been constructed in the state till date, even after the Centre provided funds for it. 

Times of India

INDIA | UP govt to set up helpline for journalists

MEERUT/ BAREILLY: Faced with growing number of attacks on journalists, the UP government is planning a helpline for aggrieved scribes, promising swift justice. Meanwhile, the family of Jagendra Singh, burnt to death allegedly for exposing a senior state minister, has threatened self-immolation if justice is not given soon.

Times of India 

INDONESIA | Mayor orders curfew for women in Indonesian region

BANDA: The capital of Indonesia’s devout Aceh province has imposed a partial curfew for women that it says will reduce sexual violence but which critics say is discriminatory.


Amendment undermines constitutional structure, SC told

ISLAMABAD: The Supreme Court was told that the 21st amendment, which established military courts to try hardened terrorists, had seriously undermined, disturbed and distorted the five broad structures and the scheme of the constitution. 


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