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About INP Members

Thematically, participating organizations in INP specialize in diverse human rights issues.  ASF is advocating legislation to prevent acid crimes and supporting survivors of this heinous form of violence; FPAP specializes in promoting quality and affordable reproductive health services, and IRADAH works to promote rehabilitation and re-integration of people with disabilities. Madadgaar work especially to support women victims of gender based violence through counseling and referral services as well as formulating laws to protect the rights of women. In the area of poverty alleviation and livelihood generation, CHIP, BARDASHT, FDO conduct capacity building, skills training and community development projects. CPDI, CCHD, SDPI and SF work in the area of rule of law and policy advocacy to promote effective and democratic governance.

In addition to covering a wide range of human rights issues, organization such as BIRDS, CAMP and BARDASHT respond to emergency situations of natural and manmade disasters, by empowering communities to prepare for and cope with such disasters and assisting them with their recovery. 

Geographically, participating organization spread across Pakistan, including KPK/FATA and Balochistan, where needs of the vulnerable population are dire. SRDO is promoting education in FATA; KK is working on empowering women and children, while CDP is conducting capacity building and human resources development, and CAMP is advocating human rights and responding to emergency situations in KPK and FATA. In Balochistan, NEEDS is promoting literacy, education and human rights.

INP Members

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Education for All