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2 Days Community Paralegal Trainings

Bannu, Karak, Kohat and Haripur

2 Days Community Paralegal Training organized in District Bannu, Karak, Kohat and Haripur in which 210 including 83 females community members have been trained with basic Civil, Criminal, Family cases and Alternate Dispute Resolution (ADR) procedures so that they can help and support community by providing them basic legal support. The main objective of Community Paralegal Program is to create Community Paralegal Team that can provide legal counseling as per community need for long term sustainability once the project is off. While entire communities cannot be trained, community representatives from organization such as Citizen Community Boards, Community Based Organizations, Area alders, CBOs members, Students pursuing law, Social Mobilizers, and Teachers that can be contacted by community easily has been identified to do this job.... See More

"DLAC Lawyers' Legal Issues & Case Management"

Capacity Building Workshop

INP developed and organized a workshop called “DLAC Lawyers’ Legal Issues and Case Management Capacity Building Workshop” for lawyers working with DLACs in different districts. The workshop focused on Human Rights’ framework, the provisions available in the Constitution for violation of basic rights, the laws available in regard to Gender based violence, minorities and persons with disabilities and legal aid available through different committees and policies...See More

Advocacy & Skills Based Training for Lawyers'

Advocacy & Skill Based Training for Lawyers of Bannu, Karak, Kohat and Haripur. Training was organized for 5 days at Hazara University which started from 5 September, 2014 till September 9. Total 50 number of lawyers participated in the training including 13 female lawyers. This training was conducted under Adal o Insaf Project of UNDP implemented by INSAF NETWORK PAKISTAN in 3 Districts of Southern KP i.e. Bannu, Karak & Kohat and 1 District from North i.e. Haripur.... See More


Access to Justice

Safe Water initiative

Free, Fair & Peaceful Election

Access to HealthCare

Education for All

Education for All